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Discover the power of assisted scouting with iScout. We enhance your gaming experience by offering invaluable in-game insights, tips, and guides, all derived from our analysis of publicly available data.

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iScout is more than just an assistant; it's your gaming companion. Our assistant analyzes data, offering insights that help you locate objects swiftly and accurately. But more than that, we provide tips and guides based on this data, ensuring you're always one step ahead of your opponents. No more guesswork; with iScout, you get data-driven strategies for an optimized gaming experience.

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Every gamer is unique, and iScout recognizes that. We offer three distinct membership options: "Farmer", "Scouter", and "Fighter". As a "Farmer", you enjoy free access to basic functionality. For those seeking deeper insights and strategies, consider upgrading to "Scouter" or "Fighter".

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With iScout, you're always informed. We update data frequently, ensuring you have the latest information. Beyond just locations, see the latest tips and strategies based on real-time developments. Stay ahead of the curve with iScout.

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Your privacy and security are paramount. We ensure all your data is stored securely using the latest methodologies. Our platform is robust and reliable. In the rare event of server outages, we've got measures in place to ensure you're always covered.

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